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Saturday, November 29, 2014

Star Cosmetics Loose eye shadows

Review of Star cosmetics loose eye shadows in the color golden and pink

Hello everyone..First of all I apologize for not being up to date on my blog. Because of my studies and busy-boring life schedule, I could not get time for blogging, or may be the circumstances resisted me to do so. Well well well, Lately but not lastly today I am here to review two cute small eye pigments from the brand star cosmetics. I had never heard of this brand until I saw these eye shadows online. My eyes just stopped by these eye pigments when I was surfing for some products at Although, I am not much into using the eye shadows but I love purchasing and collecting them. These look cute and colourful in my vanity. So, I ordered two pigments with a thought that even if it won’t work I can better give it to my little cousin who plays with my old cosmetics with her doll. Hihihi :P :P Anyways one is the warm and vibrant golden shade and another one is the soft light pink. Let’s read on further to know more about these loose eye shadows or pigments.