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Monday, February 2, 2015

The 2nd award for us : Liebster Award

Helooooooo people

I know I was lost! Yes, I don't know where was I. I really missed writing posts for my blog. Really don't know where the hell I was this much busy that I could not post anything since 15 days. I really apologize for that. Thank god I didn't take any resolution this year. I know I am an hypocrite.

Anywaaaays I was nominated for the Liebster Award by Princy Mascarenhas from The jeromy diaries. I was really very happy to read her email. She is truly a sweetheart. I amaze how lucky I am that Im being surrounded by such lovely people. I can't thank enough to all of you people for giving me this great response. :P I had been nominated for the The Versatile Blogger Award less than a month ago, and now this pretty princess nominated me for Liebster award. Thank you so much for the motivation babe. I love reading your posts and the pictures on your blog are truly a treat to eyes. :P

So, If any of you guys don't know what this Liebster Award is, here you know it-

Liebster award was originated in Germany with the intention to know and discover new blogs and welcome them to the blogosphere.The word "Liebster" has so many meanings like darling, sweetest, kind, lovely etc etc..:P

There are some easy peasy rules for this award-

  • First of all thank the person who nominated you.
  • Answer the questions that the person who nominated you has asked on your blog.
  • Make a list of your own questions.
  • Nominate other bloggers for this award.
So Princy asked me these questions-

1) What do you love about being a blogger?
Ans : The best thing I love about being a blogger is to know and interact new people. You have an another beautiful life of blogging other than your day-to-day life,your friends, family and all that matters. You live a more intentional life and develop a better thinking inside you day by day.

2)If there is one thing you can’t leave your home without, what is it?
Ans : Ok! So if this question is about  a makeup product that I can't leave my home without, then it must probably be the kohl, else ofcourse my wallet and cellphone.

3) Your favourite skincare product?
Ans: Currently I am loving my seasoul dead sea mud mask. It gives me a wow like glow. Otherwise there is no specific one product that I can swear upon. I follow my CTM routine twice daily and take a mild clean up every week. 

 4) Bold Lips or Smokey Eyes? What defines you best?
Ans: Ofcourse Bold Lips. A bright pink or bright red lipstick instantly lifts my mood up and I  get selfie ready ;-) I do love smokey eyes but not so often.

5) Do you ever keep a check on how much you spent on makeup? :P 
Ans: Hahaha this question really made me think twice then thrice and then?? I dont know what should be the next word :P but I am still thinking did I ever keep a check? Yes, I do keep a check but my answer can be defined more precisely by this picture below-
This is me and I know almost all of us ;)

Now I nominate these awesome bloggers-

So here is a list of some questions which I would like to ask-
  • What is your favourite makeup product?
  • Favourite holiday destination where you would like to go?
  • Any bad experience with blogging till now?
  • What kind of eye liner do you prefer to wear- Gel,liquid or pencil?
  • Which is the one product that you have been keeping an eye over it, but yet to buy it?
  • Any suggestion,advice or remark for me or my blog?
Until next time, Cya!