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Friday, January 9, 2015


A big helloooooo to everyone.... :D

Happy New year..Hugs!

Hope everyone is doing good. I am very excited today because I am free from my exams now and its the time to knock the due parties of Christmas and new year, also a lot of shopping and some work which I could not complete because of my exams. One more reason for my excitement is that now I can give enough time to my blog too.
*Happy dance*

Well, I just got a mail from my fellow blogger Swati Bhatt from curious-and-confused-me informing me that I have been nominated for the versatile blogger award by her. That's so sweet of you dear that you thought of nominating me for this award. Thank you so much! Its been just 4 months that I started my blog and I have been also being irregular at times in between. But thanks to all the people and fellow bloggers who are giving me such a overwhelming and pleasing response. This means a lot to me.

Rules for the award-

  • Show the award on your blog.
  • Thank the person who nominated you.
  • Share seven facts about yourself.
  • Nominate 15 blogs.
  • Link your nominee’s blogs and let them know.
Well if I have to share some facts about myself there will be millions of facts. I am sharing 7 of them with you all-
  • I am such a loud and enthusiastic  personality almost all the time. Whether I am surrounded by my buddies or family, I like to make the atmosphere around me really cheered up and euphoric. I am the type of girl who can burst out laughing at something which happened yesterday. I love laughing out loud and try to make others laugh.
  • I love to make new friends, meet new people and knowing them all. I also love being social at times.                                                                                                                  
  • About my likes and interest, just like every other blogger, I am too very passionate about makeup, cosmetics, skin care products, bags, DIYs and each and everything associated with these. And my new love is-My blog! I am yet to share much more here.
  • I am a foodie. I belong to Indore which is situated in the middle of India. Indore is said to be one of the best foodie cities out there. All my day,I either think of cosmetics or I think what should I eat now. :P I love cheese. I love burgers, pizzas, sandwiches, pani puri and much more. Yumm.. wait, now I'm going to have a quick walk-in to my kitchen. :P
  • Yeah, I am back guys :D So, one more thing I would like to tell you all about me is that I am a kind of straight forward person, but I do not behave or react straight forwardly with everyone out there. I concern more about the people whom I love, care, and the people who are true to me in my life.
  • I like to learn and know about new things, like to visit new places, I would like to travel the whole world and start my journey from Paris <3 ;) 
  • There is still much more to tell, but to finish it off in 7 facts about me I would preferably say one important thing. I like to gossip but hate to bitch about anyone( Which we usually call "unnecessary panchayti". I just mind my own business.
So this is truly me and now I would like to nominate these superb bloggers who own these blogs-

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P.S- There are some more bloggers which I wished to nominate, But I have to nominate only 15. I have also not included those blogs which have been already nominated.

Cya! Xoxo :)