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Friday, December 19, 2014

Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash Mascara

Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash Mascara In Black Out

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. We all know that mascara plays an important role in our eye makeup. It not only provides length, thickness and darkness to our lashes, but also stands our eye lashes up and gives a nice definition to our eyes. It is one of the most common cosmetic product and many women use it on a daily basis. Today, I am going to review a mascara from the brand oriflame's“very me” range. Let’s look out further to know more about this mascara.

What the product claims-

Knock your rivals out with unbeatably thick lashes. State of the art brush and lash-amplifying formula give you fuller, longer lashes that get you noticed.

Price- Rs.298

Shelf Life- 2 years from the date of manufacturing

Packaging- It comes in a regular oh-so boring kind of black cylindrical tube with a red cap over it. Nothing fancy, just like the regular mascaras.

Consistency- The consistency of this mascara is neither too runny nor too thick, just appropriate. You won’t suffer any clumping or flaking on the lashes. It also stays on my lashes for the whole day and whoooaaa no clump, no flake!

Wand- I quite like the wand of this mascara as first of all it picks up the sufficient product out of the tube. The wand is made up of rubber and bristles are very stiffed and small which I feel very convenient and easy to use. It helps in separating the lashes from each other.

Time it takes to dry up- This is where the disappointment comes. The mascara doesn’t dry up quickly. It takes 2 to 3 minute to completely dry up. You will have to sit and stare straight for some time after the application otherwise you will be having a mess up of clean-up around your eye area.

Overall this mascara is well suited for everyday usage. It will not provide that great volume or dramatic look to your eyes, but it will give a nice length and darkness to your lashes providing a natural look. Not completely waterproof, but it is water-resistant, meaning that it will come off easily without much efforts. You won’t need any particular makeup remover to remove it off. That is what I feel the biggest pro for me because I need to use makeup remover to remove my maybelline’s colossal volume express mascara.

Pros of Oriflame very me fat lash mascara-black out-

· Not hard to remove, apt for everyday usage.

· No stinging, no flaking or no clumping of lashes.

· Very affordable. You can check out the monthly offers which come in the oriflame booklet.

· The consistency is just right.

· Easy to use and handy wand.

· Staying power is very decent.

Cons of Oriflame very me fat lash mascara-black out-

· Drying time is not good. It will take around 2-3 minutes to dry. Major con.

· It gives length to your lashes but no volume.

Will I re-purchase it?

I don’t think of repurchasing this mascara because I like trying different products every time.

Will I recommend this mascara?

Although, there are way better mascaras out there in the market, but you can surely give it a try. It won’t cost you much and will be great if you want a mascara for the regular use.

My rating- 3.5/5

Thank you all lovelies and take care! J