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Monday, December 29, 2014

How to remove body and face tan naturally,DIY home remedies for “Tan Removal”

how to remove body and face tan naturally, DIY Home remedies for "tan removal", 

Hello all..
Hope you all are celebrating your holidays and planning for the new year's bash! I'm spending the toughest phase of my life right now. Winters are at its peak, everyone is busy in celebrating for christmas, 31st and planning for new year, but what I am doing these days- Books in hands, lying on bed and blanket over me! Busy in studying for my exams in this cozy cozy winter. Oh-so boring kind of a life. Right? Well, life is full of ups and downs and everyone has to deal with it :P
Anyways, In these winters who don't like to sit in the warm and vibrant sunlight and want to spend as much time as they can over there. It gives immense pleasure to sit in sunlight and take a sun bath but what we forget about is- the continue exposure of the face and other body parts in the sun which results in "the sun tan". Removing the tan is not a quick process and you have to be patient to completely get rid of it. Here I'm sharing some home remedies to remove the tan from your face and other body parts using all natural ingredients which you can find out easily in your kitchen. I mostly prefer going natural way because I feel it is the best option, natural ingredients will soothe and nourish your skin and will help remove your tan in a gentle manner.

Friday, December 19, 2014

Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash Mascara

Oriflame Very Me Fat Lash Mascara In Black Out

Hello everyone!

Hope you all are doing well. We all know that mascara plays an important role in our eye makeup. It not only provides length, thickness and darkness to our lashes, but also stands our eye lashes up and gives a nice definition to our eyes. It is one of the most common cosmetic product and many women use it on a daily basis. Today, I am going to review a mascara from the brand oriflame's“very me” range. Let’s look out further to know more about this mascara.

Saturday, December 13, 2014

Maybelline colorsensational pink alert lipstick in Pow4

Review, Swatch and LOTD of Maybelline colorsensational pink alert lipstick in Pow4

Hello lovelies..Here I am with an another product review of a pink lipstick which is a gift from my friend on my birthday ☺ Pink is the all time favorite color of girls. When it comes about pink lipsticks, I feel these can be worn with almost any kind of dress, with any colored outfit or at any occasion, whether you use it in the day time or in the evening. Be it baby pink, the bright pink or the neon pink, “The Pink” will always be the evergreen. I love collecting more and more of pink lipsticks in my collection. When I heard about the Maybelline’s pink alert lipsticks, I was very tempted to try those eye catching lippies. The day before my birthday I went on a shopping with my friend. She asked me to buy a lipstick for herself and that should be of my choice. I suggested her to select this one in shade pow4. Right after coming out of the cosmetics counter, she handed me the lipstick and told me that this is my birthday gift. I was like woooohooo what an amazing pre-b’day treat it is. When it comes about gifts and surprises I’d been told my friends and near-dear ones for so long, that if you want to give me a gift or kind of surprise or anything, always go for any cosmetic, beauty product or a salon voucher. Hihihi :P Well, this pink lipstick is my current favourite lipstick and I always carry this in my bag. 

Saturday, November 29, 2014

Star Cosmetics Loose eye shadows

Review of Star cosmetics loose eye shadows in the color golden and pink

Hello everyone..First of all I apologize for not being up to date on my blog. Because of my studies and busy-boring life schedule, I could not get time for blogging, or may be the circumstances resisted me to do so. Well well well, Lately but not lastly today I am here to review two cute small eye pigments from the brand star cosmetics. I had never heard of this brand until I saw these eye shadows online. My eyes just stopped by these eye pigments when I was surfing for some products at Although, I am not much into using the eye shadows but I love purchasing and collecting them. These look cute and colourful in my vanity. So, I ordered two pigments with a thought that even if it won’t work I can better give it to my little cousin who plays with my old cosmetics with her doll. Hihihi :P :P Anyways one is the warm and vibrant golden shade and another one is the soft light pink. Let’s read on further to know more about these loose eye shadows or pigments.

Sunday, September 7, 2014

Maybelline color show glitter mania nail paint-All that glitters (601) review, Swatch, NOTD(First review)-

Maybelline color show glitter mania nail paint-All that glitters (601) review, Swatch, NOTD(First review)-

Hi everyone, So here I am with the very first post on my new blog, I was not getting anything on my mind about what to post here first then I thought why not to start with a nailfie. Before I start writing my review I would like to confess a thing, as I am a newbie in the blogging world, I need some support with all of you people, my friends and fellow bloggers. Your little support will help me a lot.
Well, coming back to the review, I must say there is no need to give any introduction about glitter mania nail paints by Maybelline’s color show range. These cute nail polishes have made a huge splash around. I was tempted to try those eye catching glittering swatches after reading a lot by some fellow bloggers. So here I’m going to review on one of them in the shade “All that glitters”.

Price-125 INR

My experience about Maybelline color show glitter mania nail paint-“All that glitters”-
Its packaging is similar to all those regular color show nail paints that come in a cute round glass bottle with a black cap over it. These nail paints look very cute and stand out fabulously in my nail paint collection.  The shade “All that glitters” is a beautiful pale golden nail color with silver and golden flakes in it.  It has an awesome color payoff, even a single coat gives an intense opaque color and two swipes are enough to give that warmth of vibrant golden color with 3D effects. It dries very quickly and stays for very long without chipping of nails. Even after 4-5 days of application, the glitters of this nail paint are intact up and do not fade giving up a gorgeous look. I like that sand textured nails after it dries up but if you like to have more intense and soft finish you can apply a top coat of clear nail paint over it. The only thing which i didn’t like about it is, it doesn’t get remove off easily. All the glitters scatter around the nails on the fingers and you might suffer a mess up.

Points I like about Maybelline color show glitter mania nail paint-“All that glitters”-
  • ·         True to all its claims.
  • ·         Gorgeous gold color with 3D glitter effects.
  • ·         Awesome intensity and dries up quickly.
  • ·         Pocket friendly price with what the quality provided.
  • ·         Great longevity without much fading and cracking.
  • ·         Comes in beautiful 8 glittering shades.

Points I don’t like about Maybelline color show glitter mania nail paint-“All that glitters”-
  • ·         Removing the nail paint is a little tough task.
  • ·         Nothing  :)

My Ratings-4.5/5

P.S- Thank you so much all the page viewers for stopping by my blog. Please let me know if you like my post. Feel free to give any kind of suggestion. Your suggestions will mean and help a lot to me. Thank you. :) 

Friday, September 5, 2014

My first blog..

This is Dhanshree Soni. I am 21 and I love to write about beauty and makeup. I have been writing on some other blogs since 6 months. Now I thought of starting one of my own. I will love to share my make up passion, tutorials, product reviews, DIYs, OOTDs and much more. Hope you all would like it.
Thank you! :)