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Sunday, February 15, 2015

Suganda India Neem and Tea tree herbal soap-Review

Hello everyone.
First of all! Congrats to team India.  It was a day full of excitement and joy. We got our first victory in ICC cricket world cup 2015. Waytogo.:) :)
Anyways today I am going to review a 100% herbal soap from the brand "Suganda India". Suganda is a newly launched Indian brand that makes herbal and all natural handmade products that are free from parabens or SLS. They are so generous to send me this free sample of their neem and tea tree soap which they claim is totally an anti bacterial, deep cleansing and non drying soap which will be perfect for troubled or acne prone skin. 

Suganda India Tea tree soap

 They have a nice variety of soaps and body lotions. The soaps which are available on the website are-

  • Neem and tea tree soap
  • Rose milk soap
  • Turmeric sandalwood soap
  • Pure olive soap
  • Fresh goat milk olive soap
Isn't the names are so tempting?? I want to try all of them.

Price- Each of them are priced at a cost of Rs.800 for 120gm of soap. Yes, a bit pricey but one should try at least on of them, I am sure you will love it. It is so generous of them that they also provide some free samples for each soap. You can check out for the free samples HERE

Suganda India

My take on Suganda Neem and tea tree soap-
Suganda India Neem and tea tree soap

The soap has a mild and calm fragrance which I really liked. It has some little granules in it which are only visible on the soap. It doesn't lather too much just like other regular soaps but it is obvious as it is a natural and home made soap. To be honest I am not a soap-lover because I never use soaps for bathing, I better go for shower gels or body washes because I feel it is so comfortable and more hygienic to use them. I always concern about the chemicals and perfumes which are loaded in soaps which really dry our skin out. But when I got to try this natural and home made soap from Suganda, I really impressed about the ingredients and quality of it.:)

 I have used this soap a couple of times and I am so in love with this.The subtle lathers feel very light on the skin and leave behind soft and squeaky clean skin. Although I think their other variants of soaps would be more moisturizing then this one because neem and tea tree is said to be anti-bacterial and is used to heal the scars and reduce dark spots on the skin. There is much more about this soap is given on their website such as the soap is anti bacterial, anti fungal  and rich in antioxidants. The content of olive oil in this soap will work to rejuvinate the skin. The Tea tree, lemon, lavender and cedarwood essential oils are naturally anti bacterial and are beneficial for cleansing oily skin. The Kaolin clay present in this soap pulls out any excess oil from the skin. 
Suganda India Neem and tea tree soap

 When they asked me to fill in which soap I want as a sample, I chose for the tea tree soap and I really don't know why? I opted for tea tree keeping in my mind my occasional pimples, and as we know that soaps are used for the body not on face and I have no issues or acne concerns anywhere on my body except some occasional ones on forehead or chin. So, after receiving the soap I had know idea if this soap can be used on the face or not, so I was not using it on my face before I got an email from Bindu Amrithum who is the founder of suganda India. She ensured me to use the soap on face too and gave a nice tip to use a good moisturizer and toner after using the soap on face so that the ph of the skin is balanced. Its so sweet of her that she also gave me a nice DIY tip to get rid of acnes. You can read the DIY HERE .:)

Overall I am quite impressed with the quality they provide. I just love this neem and tea tree soap. In future, I would also like to try their pure olive soap for full moisturization. Tell me in the comment box if you like Suganda's neem and tea tree soap. 

Until next time cyao!:)